Our trip day 2

Hi there!
Well, day two..

Day two

We started the day with a super yummy breakfast, fresh bread, muesli and “hörnchen”. Mmmmm! Then we drove to Innsbruck, which is 1 hour drive away from Kitzbühel.

IMG_3967 IMG_3962

We arrived there around 11 so we had the whole day to visit the IMG_3985city. Some of the sights of innsbruck are the golden roof and the ski ramp. We did some shopping in the Rathaus
Passage and Maria Theresia Strasse. And had sushi for lunch. The sushi place was called “Bonsai”. And was very good! Remko had a bento box and I had a sushi roll and handrol. It was delicious.

IMG_3984 IMG_3974  IMG_3986

Brenda Vrijens; Hoofdredacteur B-Online

Next door they served frozen yoghurt, my guilty pleasure! I had a small one with strawberries, Oreo Cookies and on top some dark chocolate sauce. Then we made a walk through the old part of the city and visited the Innsbrucker Dom. After that we did some more shopping in Kaufhaus Tyrol. There I bought gifts for my mother and sister. After the shopping we went to visit the ski ramp. Unfortunately Zenzi was not allowed to enter, so we skipped on that. It’s all of us, or none of us! We decided to drive back to the hotel, change clothes and go out for dinner.

We had dinner at Restaurant Centro in Kitzbühel, I had a very tasty pasta with tomato sauce and basil and Remko had penne with spinach and salmon.
Of course we ended at our favorite place called “Hillinger”. Hillinger is a super trendy wine bar in the city centre of Kitzbühel, there we discovered a few years ago the delicious grüner veltliner. Zenzi wasn’t quiet so we drunk our wine, bought a bottle for in the hotel and went back home for a good night rest

IMG_4155.IMG_4049 IMG_4097

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