Day four already..

Goodmorning everyone!

Yesterday we started the day again with our breakfast and thinking what to do. We wanted a chill day, so our muscles could rest a bit. The first thing we did was, shopping! I discovered a large Intersport store and I wanted to check it out, it wasn’t as big as I thought, but is was okay.

It was very busy in the city because of the concert of Andreas Gabalier, an Austrian singer. I bought some snacks for on the road and went off to “Rosi’s Sonnberg Stubl” a very known place here in Kitzbühel because of the “Almrausch party” in the spring and the “schnitzel party” in the fall.

At Rosi’s we had a delicious lunch with “wurstl mit  semml” for dessert we chose “Sachtertorte” two typical Austrian dishes. The Sonnberg Stubl was high on the mountain but we drove there by car. To get down I wanted to take the chairlift. I had so much fun, and had the chance to make some great pictures. After that we went to
the “Gieringer Weier” a small lake where you can take a swim, we forgot to
bring our bathing suites so we just had a walk there. It was beautiful because you had a great view to the “Wilder Kaiser”.

Then we went to the city center of Kitzbühel, just strolling around, watching people with their beautiful dirndls. It was super busy in town because of that concert I mentioned, so we decided to get back to the hotel, freshen up, wait a little longer, and go back. When we got back it was great. We had a table, without waiting at the restaurant and had a delicious meal. I chose the anti pasti della casa and a tuna salad. And Remko had the bruschetta and a pizza diavolo. Mm mm getting hungry again while writing….

Well it’s time for our breakfast, so bye! Xx

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