Day five – waste of money…


Yesterday was day five already! We startend our day with breakfast and making the plan for the day. We all were super excited to make the hike around the glacier lake. We knew it would be though, but we were prepared.

We drove to Kaprun where the gondola was that would take us up to the lake. It was very busy down at the cash desk but hey, the mountains are big. So I paid € 75,-(!!!!!!!!) For the three of us to go up. But we were still excited. When we arrived at the first station everything still was fine, but when we arrived at the second station the disappointment showed on both of us. Trucks, cars, building areas were everywhere. But still quite optimistic we started the hike. At a certain point we arrived at an abyss. This should have been a family path, but with little children I would never make this hike. And with our super busy/playable doggie neither. When she sees a marmot our even a blade of grass dancing in the wind, she goes crazy with jumping and running.

After let’s say 30 minutes we lost track ( yes I know… again), the signs were lost. And luckily, we weren’t the only ones. Many people started the hike and had to turn around because of the missing signs. We decided to get back down to the parking space and go somewhere else.

Bye money, bye super stupid touristic Kaprun.

I couldn’t just let it go, at work people always complain about the tiniest things, so I thought, I’ll give it a try. I told the girl about the construction works. And she apologized. We didn’t get a refund, but at least I told them I wasn’t happy.

So no, I would not recommend anyone to visit the Kitzsteinhorn for a good hike. The view was amazing there, but that’s just not where I pay €75,- for, for a great view.

We got back in the car and drove to Zell am See. We had a drink there at the lake and it was  beautiful. There were many Arabic tourists and the menu/stores/signs were all in Arabic and German. It was funny because for a minute I thought I was in the Middle East haha!

After our coffee and cake we went back to Kitzbühel. I had a swum in the Schwarz See and cooled off after this pretty disappointing day. Luckily I had no fishies sucking on my toes hihi. We paid our drinks and went home to freshen up. At home we chilled a bit first, then took a shower and got dressed. We decided to dine at…. Of course….. Huber Bräu! Hmmm my first schnitzel this year! I choose the turkey one, it was delicious! After dinner we went back to the hotel for a good night rest!
Today we got up early, we are driving to Germany to visit Munich!

*Super YAY*

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