And after day five… Comes day six! Munich!

Yes yes yes!!! Finally we are going to Munich! I wanted to go there for many years now. We started the day with breakfast and jumped in the car, off to Munich!

When we arrived we decided to do the sights first and the shopping later. So first we bought a map for this giant city. Our first stop was the Viktualienmarkt. A large market square with all kinds of food. On this square I also found the MyMuesli store. In this store you can buy all kinds  of muesli and tea, even muesli to-go. The market was super cool and not very busy in the morning, so perfect for Zenzi.

Then we went to the Mariënplatz. The square with the city hall. This is a very impressive building in gothic style. We had a drink at the “Rathauskeller” a super large cafe, I would really recommend to take a look there.

When we finished our drinks we walked to the Maximillianstreet. There are all the famous and luxurious brands. We have seen Prada, Burberry, and my all time favorite Tiffany and Co.

There we took a ride on a rickshaw to the English Park for a nice walk with Zenzi. We discovered the amazing Surf Welle. In the river they do the most amazing stunts on their boards. We made a walk through the park to the Japanese tower and took a rickshaw back to the city centre. Zenzi didn’t like our little tours in the rickshaws but it was for her own good. She was a little sick and tired from the whole journey.

When we got back in the city we went shopping! The shopping area in Munich was big, but really big, and busy. This wasn’t the best idea to do with Zenzi. She had a small accident in one of the stores and wasn’t quite happy. So we rushed to the end of the shopping street and found ourselves  a taxi to take us to the Hofbräuhaus where we could sit and have a drink. That’s also where we parked the car. Next door was the Hard Rock Cafe I couldn’t resist to enter haha. I bought a nice souvenir for myself and went to the brewery. The smallest colas were big ones. And the sausages super yummie! We woke up our little monster and moved on.

After our little snack we went to a shopping centre by car to make my bears. See my vlog about the bears soon!

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