Day seven – up in the sky

We started our day with breakfast. After breakfast we went to the supermarket to get some bread rolls and bread meat for our hike. The plan was a pretty big hike on the Kitzbühler Horn. There is a small park for climbing and I wanted to climb very badly. But more about that later.


Remko wanted to drive in a Mercedes G-Wagon AMG and we already stopped by to get some information. It was no problem at all, he could drive the car. Now when things got serious he wasn’t allowed because of his age.. Super dumb because they asked for his age last time as well and then it wasn’t a problem…

After that we went up to the Horn, a large mountain where you can drive to a certain point and make a hike. The plan was to make a hike, have a drink, make some lunch and climb in the park. But this plan didn’t work out for us because Zenzi got scared. She has seen cows before.. But yesterday she got really scared and started running and jumping on the leash. She hurt both of us a bit because of her nails. We decided to get a drink and return to the car. It was raining so climbing wasn’t safe to do.

At the car she was calm again so we got the chance to do some shopping at Intersport and the pet store, where we bought a new toy for Zenzi.

After our little shopping tour we went back to the apartment. There we chilled a bit. Zenzi had her dinner and we took a nice warm shower. When we were all freshened up we went to the city and had dinner at Centro. I started with caprese, then pasta carbonara and finished with tiramisu and latte machiato. Mmmm it was delicious again! During dessert we enjoyed the concert of the city-band. It was super fun!

When we got home we made some pictures of the stars, they were so beautiful high up in the sky. Then we had a good night rest!

Today we are going to Salzburg for some shopping in the outlet. Hopefully I will find my birthday-dirndl. 

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