8th Day – Salzburg

Goodmorning! Yesterday we went to Salzburg. A beautiful city in Austria where Mozart was born and where they have a super outlet center. The city is 1 hour drive from Kitzbühel so we left pretty early again. We started with the outlet. At the outlet weren’t many people so we could look around and take it easy.

At the outlet they have made a park and ride system, so when you park there, you can switch your parking ticket at the information desk to one of those. We have done this last year and so we did this year. The bus is for free and the parking is only € 14,00 per day and you can use this ticket with up to 5 people.

So we packed our stuff and took the bus to Salzburg. It was Zenzi’s first time in the bus so we were excited. She did a really good job and was very quiet. When we arrived at Salzburg we started with a “grande shopping tour”  I bought some gifts for Remko at the “Manner” store, Manner are some kind of biscuits filled with hazelnut cream. Then we started on the big shopping street. There are several kinds of stores like H&M, MyMuesli, Calzedonia, Intimissimi. But also the expensive stores like Prada and Aigner.

We had lunch at a brewery in the city centre. A large pizza with prosecco and a salad. Of course I ordered way too much, as usual… But it was nice! The plan was to have dessert at Hotel Sacher with a piece of Sachertorte. But we were super full of our pizza so we skipped on that. Then we went to the Dom to have a look there and got back to the bus. At the bus stop was a small patisserie, Remko wanted to have a look inside. And when he got back he bought us a small Sachertorte so we could have a piece when we got back home. Super sweet! So, now to the car to go to Trachtenwelt for my dirndl. I was super excited to go to this large store, last year they had so many pretty dirndls. This year they didn’t, only a few ones left without the sweet pink flowers and lace. I was a bit disappointed.

So we took the car and drove to Stiegl, but on our way I saw a great store with Dirndls, so we stopped. There I tried on a very pretty Dirndl in blue and pink (the one on the picture!). They were hand and custom made. And a little over budget. So we drove further to Stiegl. That is a brewery with amazing food. We ordered Wiener Schnitzel with Preiselbeeren. My favorite combination, the salty of the schnitzel and fries and the sweets of the marmelade. When we finished our food we made some last photos and went to Hangar7.

Hangar7 is a great experience for everyone, I could really recommend to go there while visiting Salzburg. You can visit the exhibition of the plains, racing cars and motors of Red Bull for free. There is a small gift shop and several bars. All with airport-view. The wing suit of Felix Baumgartner is there aswel. That is the wing suit where he flew from England to France.

I didn’t get the chance to buy a Dirndl, but we had a great time in Salzburg! Today is our last day *super sad* but we are going to visit the Hahnenkammbahn so that is cool!

More pictures online soon! 

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