Our Austrian adventure has come to an end

I was super sad the last two days in Austria. Knowing I had to go back to Holland almost made me sick. The last day we made a beautiful walk in Kitzbuhel at the Streiff, where the big World Cup is every January. We went shopping in Sankt Johann for my dirndl. I finally bought one for my birthday party in Oktoberfest-style. And had our last schnitzel-dinner at Huber Bräu. I really gonna mis those. For the last day I chose the one of veal. This was amazing. When we still were in Austria I already was homesick to the mountains. The last day, Friday, we went for the last time to Kitzbühel, and had coffee. We were waiting for Hillinger to open to buy some gifts for ourselves and my sister in law. When they opened we bought the wine and started the 800km drive back to Holland. After 5 hours of driving we just passed Munich, there was a lot of maintenance that caused traffic jam, after 11 hours of driving we finally were home. We unpacked the car and went to sleep, we were exhausted.

When back home the madness begun. We had to visit my parents of course to tell them about our holiday. But everything I told them, they read on my blog already haha! We had some small gifts that we gave them and had some drinks. Then I unpacked my suitcase with my mom and Remko took my father for a drive in our rental. Afterwards we went to the Preuvenemint. A food and wine festival in Maastricht. This event is every year in the last weekend of August. It is always lots of fun with music, friends and family. During this festival you can meet several (expensive) restaurants. For “small” prices you can have some “snacks” to taste. They actually are real dishes, but they are so small I like to call them snacks. Most of the time I don’t have dinner there because it is way to expensive for me. I just have dinner at home or somewhere else and take one or two “snacks” at the Preuvenemint. It is much fun for everyone, but especially for the people who work in the restaurants/hotels. There you can meet restaurant owners and maybe set up some appointments or just socialise. This year was very quiet for me. Just one evening instead of four with family and drinks, we were so tired from our journey.

Sunday morning was a super busy morning. And in the afternoon we had a Hoever-BBQ.

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