Barbour people store tour


Yesterday we went all the way to Munster for a special Barbour event. All three of us have a Barbour jacket and we are very happy with these. So when we saw the event on Facebook we decided to drive those 2.5 hours and make sure our coats get our initials stitched.


We parked at the railway station, from there it is only a 5 minute walk to the store. Munster is a small city with an Italian appearance. Lots of luxury brands have their stores underneath the cute arches. So does Barbour.

We arrive early. We just wanted to make sure we didn’t drove all the way for nothing. In the store we are warmly welcomed. Because there are many people who want to get their coats stitched you need to make a reservation and come back later. We only had to wait 1 hour so we went to a neighbor cafe and waited till it was our turn.


When we returned to the store we were first in line. The guys of Elbsticker from Hamburg were very friendly and thought with us about the possibilities. Zenzi’s coat was first. We thought about getting here name stitched, but the advertisement said only initials. We decided to ask about the possibility to get her whole name stitched, and it was not a problem at all! YAY!


My coat is stitched with BV and Remko’s jacket with RH. We love our custom coats! After the stitches we went to the main shopping street and checked out the stores. When we were heading back to the parking lot we saw a bus driving by with advertisements of a Hunter-Brand Store in Munster. Our favorite dog-supplies brand, here in Munster! Only 15 minutes away from the city centre! We have to go there I said! And we went! But that is news for next week! See you soon!

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