Hunter brand store Munster


Okay, okay. We needed to drive like 2.5 hours. But it was so worth it! Our trip to Munster. Last week I already wrote about our visit to the Barbour store here. But today it’s all about the bus we saw and the shop we spontaneously visited.

So when we were leaving the city of Munster and we were almost at the parking lot we saw the bus of Hunter in the corner of our eyes. Our favorite brand for Zenzi’s leashes and collars.



It was only a 15 minute ride from the city centre. When we arrived the owners were super friendly and helped us with my search for a new collar. We definitely didn’t need a new one, because the red cross collar is still in great shape, and the one we bought in Kitzbuhel last year is still ok too. But hey, they had so many choices, and so many different styles. So we bought a new collar for her, and I love it!


The other thing we bought was a Carpet. That is some kind of brush to clean the car, couch or how I used it on Zenzi’s coat. It works super easy, and fast! The man at the store was completely right!

Because yesterday was World Dog Day we got a small present with our shoppings. Some sort of egg that you can fill with candy. We chose for a large Alligator, because of the size. Zenzi really needs to work for it, and when there is food involved, she obviously loves it!


So yes, we can recommend to visit this store and the city of Munster! #inlove! IMG_2672


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