Workout 3

Number three already! Time flies! I’m really bad at keeping promises to myself, so no, I’m not doing my workouts three times a day like I want to. But there is something I do try to do several times a week!

And that is running! I use Spotify for the music, and my Apple Watch Series 3 for the measurements. No, I don’t receive money of them to say it works awesome, it just does!

The music list I love to run at is this one. And at my Apple Watch I use the Nike Run Club. This app keeps time, kilometers and some more quite handy info. You don’t need an Apple Watch, you can also use it on your iPhone.

I think it is really hard to commit to do sports after work and without anyone who encourages me to sport. Remko says often just go for a run, but that is always after I said I want to go for a run. No hard feelings towards him of course, and it is my own responsibility to train! But just that extra push to go outside and burn those calories. That is what I need, and that is what I found in my Apple Watch. It tells the time, of course, what else should a watch do, but it is so much more! Just discover it yourself, and discover what change it can make for you!


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