Healthy October – Recipe #4

The last food item already of my healthy October series! I saved this tip for my last post. Like you know I recently bought myself an Apple Watch ⌚️ and I’m still super happy with it. Mostly because it helps me remind everything!

During my workday I usually don’t drink enough. And I know it is super important to drink enough. Especially when you know you need it to prevent yourself from headaches and to keep you skin clear. So on my watch I installed an app called Daily Water. This sends me a notification once an hour to remind me to drink. You have the opportunity to fill out how much you drank during the day and keep track of how you are doing day by day.

I don’t fill out how many glasses I drink during the day. I just use it to be reminded  to drink. So, as you can see. No recipe for this last healthy October post. But a very important tip!

Just because this is the last Healthy October post doesn’t mean you will never find a new recipe here, so keep on reading and drinking.


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