It has been five years already, FIVE YEARS! for our last visit to Disney. And I missed it every day hihihi!

YEP, I’m a HUGE Disney fan!

So, because we are only going one day to the parc, I need to make a plan to do as much as possible during the day. That means I wrote down every ride I want to do and calculate the possible waitingtimes. I already know what bag I want to bring to make sure my shoulders don’t get sore. And I already decided what shoes I will be wearing since it will be a very long day! 

So with all this and the Disney app installed on my iPhone, I think I’m almost ready!

Last time we went to Disney was with the 20th Anniversary, so lots of cute gifts in all the shops, I literally CAN’T WAIT! Back then we went in the summer break, so it was super busy at the parc. Now, it’s November, and all the kids are in school. So that means, an (hopefully) nearly empty park, short waitinglines and lots of fun!




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