Advent wreath — the modern version

I live near the border of Germany, and with my boyfriend being all crazy of Germany we have some influences of the neighbor country. Here in Holland, I have never heard of a Christmas wreath, and even at work or in my family no one knows what it is. But, it is super simple. 4 candles, light up one every Sunday in December and enjoy your wreath! On the first Sunday of December is the new Church year, it symbolizes the earth, the seasons and the points of the compass. But, I’m not that a religious, so, I made my own, modern version of it. Not round, so not a real wreath, just a piece.

I just like to count the Sundays till Christmas hihi!

I personally handpicked all the decorations and I’m very happy with the results. We decorated with red and gold, so the advent piece is in these colors. Hope you like it as much as I do!


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