Outdoor decorations

Wow, the stats are booming! I love Christmas and so do, my dear readers, just admit it! Today am I showing our outside Christmas decorations.


I love to make a painting on the windows, it’s festive, creative and fun to do. This year I made just a small painting, yes guys I’m growing up! But I did add some stars, snowballs and snowflakes this year to add some extra dimension.

And the small tree next to the door is decorated as well, but you don’t see it on the picture due to the snow. God, it was snowing hard! But it gives the photo’s that extra Christmas touch, don’t you think?
IMG_6480The wreath is handmade by me and still as festive as last year, especially with the large bow, hihi!

So, what do you think of our outside decorations? I know I love it ♥️

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