All the other decorations

The whole house is decorated in red and gold, and I can’t stop looking at it! I love that our house is all decorated and ready for the holidays. This year we have friends over for dinner, so I think it is important that the house looks cosy, the table is perfect and the food is good. So I went shopping for this dinner, but more about that later. First, some of our decorations.

The wreath above the tv is handmade, and was super cool to make! I cut out the small leaves by hand, and glued them on three wreaths of Styrofoam. At the end I added the red bow that I bought at the Bijenkorf.IMG_6523

I love being in pajamas on cold days, so the quote on my lightbox is just perfect.IMG_6510

The pretty snow picture of Zenzi is ordered here, the quality is great and the picture is made by Remko, my personal photographer! Just love this place on top of the sideboard, so much photos and cosiness!


On the chimney we have the Minnie and Mickey that we bought at Disney. They are in the perfect colors and super cute ❤

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