When I was young I wanted to be a ballerina (and a police woman haha). Both didn’t work out for me.. I became a Sales Supervisor, also much fun. But, dressing up like a ballerina is still one of my favorite things to do. With the pretty pastel pink colour, and hair in a bun I’m in my element.


The new collection of Esprit is in super cute pastel colors with the most amazing pink skirt that will make you feel like a ballerina immediately. There are several cute items in these pastel colors that are perfect for spring. Yes, I know, it is still super cold outside, but hey, it will be better soon, i hope! This skirt is just too perfect and can combine with so many shirts and shoes. From the ballerina look with a white tee to a more casual look with a jeans jacket. The skirt is available here.


Another item that I found and will match to the ballerina look is  this cute blouse. It has some cute and girly details on the sleeves and looks just stunning to a white skirt. For a more casual look you add this item to a dark colored skirt or a ripped jeans. Both will look amazing! I love these blouses to upgrade my collection of clothes. Blouses like this one just add some more flair to your wardrobe and are super handy for workdays, dinner party’s and other events where you just need a little extra. Shop the blouse here.

Both items are great to wear to work and super easy to combine. For this spring are these items an eye catcher in your wardrobe and every girly girl needs them. Just to feel like that little girl, wearing her ballet clothes and feel like a child again.


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