Happy easter! 

Happy easter everyone! It was a hard few weeks without much inspiration, lots of emotions and no time for my blog! But now,  I’m back, and how! I’ve got this amazing adult vacation book. Perfect for a rainy day like this. At least here in Eygelshoven it is raining, I hoped for better weather so I could sit outside and enjoy the sun ☀️ 

We don’t have any plans this Easter and are just busy around the house. Well at least Remko is, I’m still not feeling super good so I’m at the couch with Zenzi most of the day, and that is just fine because now I have time for my blog, and to check my new paper cloud book! 

This is paper cloud and this is a diy magazine. There are tons of coloring pictures, folding instructions and crafting ideas in this. And, you don’t need anything extra. Just cut out the items of the magazine and craft! 

I really like crafting in weekends and after a long day at work. But at the last few weeks it was hard to find the time to craft. So I hope there will be some time to create some things in the next couple of weeks! 

Happy crafting!  

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