Spring deco 

Weeehoooo happy weekend! It will be great weather this weekend so I’m going to pack my bags and go to the beach! But first…. new decoration in the living room! 

The living room change up is about getting rid of the winter/Easter decoration and bring in the spring decoration. For this spring I have ordered a super cool photo of the Wilder Kaiser in Kitzbühel and want to place this in the living room. 

I still need to decide where to put it, so for now it is on the fire place. I have ordered the picture online at Fotofabriek and it is a super quality. I have chosen to print the photo to forex, the colors are amazing and I’m in love with our little piece of Austria in Kerkrade. 

Then on the dining table we have a set up with some candles and flowers. These flowers were first at the Easter decoration and are now reused for the spring deco. The photo looks great there too 😍

At the cabinet we have the picture of Zenzi with some extra photos, it’s so cute, I just can’t take this away! 

And for the living room table I don’t have any deco yet… inspiration… anyone? 

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