It was such a weird week with the passing away of my grandmother and me being sick. But I didn’t forget about my anniversary for BRENDAVRIJENS.COM. It just didn’t feel good to celebrate this first birthday!

So, that’s why I postponed the celebration and had my tiny party in the weekend! We went on a shopping spree as a remedy in Antwerp on Friday and had the party this morning. I bought some cupcakes and had my photos taken. Just a cup of tea along the side and my tiny party was complete!

I just want to take this moment to thank the love of my life, he always has my back and supports me unconditionally. Even tough I ask him to take a million pictures just to be sure there is one that is perfect, he never lets me down! So he is not only my love, but also my dear photographer who exactly knows what I want and how I want it! So, dear Remko, you are the best, thank you for your support!

So yes, happy birthday to my blog, BRENDAVRIJENS.COM and hopefully the next birthday will be in a bit more festive conditions!

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