Why the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog isn’t the right dog for everyone

Our lovely Zenzi is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog or Swissie for short. She is the sweetest, cutest and naughtiest dog I know. Yes, they are the cutest to see, I know, I’ve lost my heart too, and I really don’t want to live without her anymore, but, I’m sure, they aren’t suitable for everyone and they are a hand full!

Why I think they are not suitable for everyone:

  • They are extremely stubbornly; if they don’t want to walk anymore, they will just lay down on the floor or trow themselves into the leash to get back asap. But not only during walks you will see this behavior. For example, Zenzi is not allowed upstairs. When we are a sleep, she comes upstairs, lays down and falls a sleep, this is the scenario that I’m ok with.. If she is in a rebellious mood, she stands next to Remko, and he needs to roll over so she can jump in our bed. Yeah… this is the scenario that I’m not ok with.. But like I said.. super stubborn, if she is upstairs already she will not leave until the next morning. And if she has set her mind on the bed, she will not leave you alone until she is on the bed…
  • They are true guard dogs, amazing when you have a huge garden or land where they can keep unwanted visitors outside. But when you live like us, in a neighborhood with only terraced houses.. It is possible you get some struggles with your neighbors, ours are super chill so we don’t have these struggles.
  • Swissies are super hard to educate, they have an attention span like a puppy, yeah okay.. If you want to teach them, they are puppies. But they see every butterfly and leaf dancing in the wind.. So yes, super hard to manage.
  • And then.. Even if they know their commands… if they don’t feel like it.. they just don’t do it. Zenzi knows she needs to sit before she can start eating. But sometimes she just doesn’t feel like it, and starts without us telling her to start.
  • The female problem, when Zenzi gets her heat, she wants to be with us all the time, gets very affectionate. In our contract from the breeder is mentioned that we aren’t allowed to sterilize her, except for medical reasons. This is because the high risk of incontinence.
  • Last but not least… they are SUPER, SUPER lazy. Zenzi sleeps during weekends easily in until 10.. sometimes even 11. When we wake up early and want to go for a walk with her she looks at us like, uhhhh what are you doing up already, it is in the middle of the night…. But when she is awake, then she just wants your attention and wants to cuddle with you for some time

If all the points mentioned above, are no problem for you.. Congratulations, you are able to treat yourself to a Swissie.

Like I said, I don’t know any breed that is so sweet and kind for other dogs, kids and strangers. She will always protect me and I’m truly not afraid to walk with her in the dark, because I know she will have my back and protect me.

If you are truly interested in buying yourself a Swissie, please make sure you are well informed, read about the breed and get to know your breeder. They are able to tell you about the mommy dog and will show you the family tree. We were on a waiting list for 2 years, just to show how hard it is to breed this awesome breed. Best tip I am able to give about the breeder is, make sure you connect with the breeder, you never know if you need some help in the future. I know I’m happy with the breeder of our choice, Ruud and Maurice are the best, we meet up with them every once in a while and they really take good care of their own dogs and (y)our future puppies!

I will share a new post about the things you need to know about your breeder soon, it will be handy if you are looking for a puppy 🙂



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