Check your breeder (part 1)

Let me start by saying our sweet Zenzi comes from a breeder with a heart filled with love for the breed. No dog is adopted without a background check and there is a waiting list of 2 years.

But not only for the breeder is it important where his baby’s go to, it is important for you to, to know where your new baby comes from. Zenzi is with us now for 3 years and a bit, and we have thought about adopting another dog and have a list how to check if the breeder is the right one for us. Because I really think it will make a difference if you get your sweet puppy from a breeder that suits you. So here is our list with things that are important to us:

  • For us was the first meet up with the breeder very important. Just get to know the people who are raising the puppies the first few weeks. Things that were important for us was, are they kind, is their house appropriate for dogs, how many other dogs are at the house, where will the puppies be at their first weeks? Questions like that you need to answer for yourself and make sure you find the right breeder for you, you might need him later!
  • We really, really want to visit the mommy dog, if they keep the puppies away from the mommy you can tell there is something wrong. It is possible that the mommy is a puppy machine and gets covered right after giving birth. I think everyone knows that a mommy dog needs to take care of her puppies and not give birth again right away.
  • Then was it super important for us to visit the puppies at the breeders house. Just to see where they live the first few weeks and be sure the mommy dog is with the puppies. And of course is it super cute to meet your tiny baby for the first time.
  • Another important point was the distribution of the puppies. We knew we wanted a female, and there was only one female in the litter, so it was pretty clear what puppy we would get. But if there were more puppies I know it is best that the breeder chooses which puppy you will get. They have the puppies for several weeks at their home and get to know them and you and is able to make a match made in heaven.

Our other points will follow soon in a new post!



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