Check your breeder (part 2)

Let me start by saying our sweet Zenzi comes from a breeder with a heart filled with love for the breed. No dog is adopted without a background check and there is a waiting list of 2 years.

But not only for the breeder is it important where his baby’s go to, it is important for you to, to know where your new baby comes from. Zenzi is with us now for 3 years and a bit, and we have thought about adopting another dog and have a list how to check if the breeder is the right one for us. Because I really think it will make a difference if you get your sweet puppy from a breeder that suits you. So this is part 2 of our list with things that are important to us, you find part 1 here! 

  • Family tree: it was important to us to know where our baby comes from and there is no incest. Our breeder makes sure there is not even the tiniest possibility that there is a family mixed up in their breed. They have a system they can log on to and check every dogs family tree just to see if there is a connection to their bloodline.
  • Then when there was clear that we would get a pup our the breeder they let us know what kinds of supplies we had to buy for her. And a list with advice for the first day, As you can see did we get lots of information from our breeder. This was super helpful for us because we found it hard to find the advice that was right for us on the internet.
    • The supplies we bought in advance were:
      • A collar and a leash
      • Wired cage
      • Blankets
      • Stuffed Swissie and other toys
      • Water and food bowl
      • Poopbags
      • Food
      • And of course much more, but these were the real essentials, the other stuff we bought were unnecessary and I think a waste of money.
    • The tips we got from our breeder/noticed ourselves for the first day(s) were:
      • When you get home with your puppy, let him/her in the wired cage for at least an hour. There they can get used to the smells and sounds of the new home
      • When your puppy is restless or starts to peep, they might need something. With Zenzi was it usually a piddle.
      • Try to sleep with your puppy. We slept 1 month downstairs to stay with Zenzi. She could get used to everything and we were awake when she needed something. Often she needed to go outside in the middle of the night because her bladder wasn’t strong enough to sleep trough the night.
      • Don’t let your puppy out of sight.. Silence is golden.. unless you have a puppy, then silence is suspicious, very suspicious!
      • The best tip I can give is, don’t let your puppy get used to things you don’t like. For example, Zenzi was not allowed on the couch. When she was a puppy everything went well, until one day…. There she was on the couch. She was still a small dog, so it was still okay. But now.. she is huge, and still used to her spot on the couch. Makes things difficult sometimes..
      • And las but not least. Love your puppy from the beginning till the end, they grow up in a blink of an eye, but they give you so much love. So treat them well!


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