Keep your doggy cool

Gosh, such warm weather around here! But hey, no complaining here! Love the sunshine, but for all the animals around here would it be nice if there is some rain! Sure there was some rain the last days, but not enough to keep the house super cool.

I think it is super hard now to keep Zenzi cool, I tried to throw her in the pool, not my best plan, of course! We tried a fan, she laid next to it for a minute and then she was done again.

So in my opinion the best option is to try to keep your house as cool as possible, so keep the blinds shut, windows and doors closed, give your dog space. We are okay with it now if she goes upstairs during the day.

An other thing we do now is treat her with cool stuff, like an ice cube, popsicle or ice cream.

And last but not least, we take her to the woods in the morning and evening. There it is super cool and there is water she can play in.

What do you do to keep your doggy cool?




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