Rainy weather-dog walking- essentials

Soooo we are leaving the 30+ degrees heath behind us and are getting used to the rainy weather. Haha no, just kidding. Today will be sunny again, at least here in Kerkrade!

But still.. With the fall coming up, what are the dog walking essentials with rainy weather? Here is my list, filled with essentials for us, the hoomans!

A good raincoat makes walking through the rain so much better. I have a super light weight raincoat of The North Face, and I just love it! The fabric doesn’t get sweaty on the inside, and the outside fabric keeps me dry.


I just love my boots. Two years ago I bought myself Aigle rainboots, pretty expensive, but such a great investment for walking with Zenzi. They keep me warm and dry through those stormy days and are perfect for walking through the snow!


You can’t have enough towels when you own a large dog. Zenzi’s hair gets soaking wet when walking through the rain. So yes, bring a few if you want to keep your car clean after your walk.

Waterproof bag
You still need to bring all the other essentials while walking through the rain, right? So a waterproof bag is super handy, I usually use the pockets of my jacket and some zipperbags to make sure my phone and camera stay dry. But other days I want to bring a bag. I have a super old Kitch-Kitchen bag, made out of plastic tablecloths.


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