Holidays with your dog

Why are holidays with your dog the best? I’ll tell you why.

Sometimes it is hard and you need to adjust to the needs of your dog. You cannot enter all the museums, churches and other tourist attractions. But you get the chance to see a city in a total different way.

With all of our city visits we take Zenzi with us. She has been to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Brussels, Antwerp, Munich, Berlin and even Paris. So yes. She comes with us each time. And we only regret taking her once. That was in Amsterdam. The locals were super friendly and had no problems with her. But it were the tourists who complained about us taking our dog to the city.

The best experience was in Paris last year. She was welcome in all the boutiques and there were lots of places where she could drink. Despite the fact she wasn’t allowed in the subway we saw almost the whole city with her.

I think it is super to bring your dog to big city’s. They get used to other people, strange sounds and get to know how to behave while being outside. We practice this with Zenzi very often.

Like I said, you will visit a city in a total different way. When we were in Munich, we didn’t only visit the city center, but also the Englischer Garten. I really don’t think we would have visited this if it wasn’t for Zenzi. But I’m glad we did, it is so pretty! In Berlin we also looked for the greens and found some gorgeous places near the Spree.

Do you take your dog into the city?

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