A weekend in France

I think you guys already know about our love for France. If you are following me on Instagram, you must have seen all about our trip to Épernay and, of course, Paris.

But first Épernay, we arrived around 11.00 and went directly to the hotel to let them know we will check in later today. The friendly lady told us the room was ready, so we picked up our bags and went to the room. We stayed in the Ibis hotel in the centre, the room was small but, most important, clean. After changing our clothes and freshening up we went to Avenue de Champagne, my favorite street in the village. There are the most prestigious Champagne houses and at most of the houses is the possibility to try the Champagnes. Our first stop was at Moët & Chandon, they released the vintage of 2009. 2009 is an important year to Remko and me because this is the year we started dating.

It was super nice weather so we tried some Champagne at the house of Collard Picard. Never heard of it, but super good Champagne! Then we went back to the car and drove to the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa. They took our old and dirty car for valet parking and walked us to the terrace and had some Champagne there as well. The view was amazing there, the hotel is up on a hill and you see the village Épernay at the horizon and vineyards everywhere. After finishing our Champagne we went to the abbey of Dom Pérignon, visited his grave and had a stroll around Hautvillers. Then we went back  to Épernay to feed Zenzi and have some more Champagne. At this time we didn’t need the car anymore so we went back to Avenue de Champagne – Collard Picard. There we had a tasting of three glasses, and I still cannot choose the one I liked the most! They were all amazing! After this tasting we went to a restaurant for dinner and then off to bed! We have a big day ahead, we are going to my favorite city, Paris!

After a good night rest we got up super early because we need to be in Paris at 09:30 for our playdate with Milka underneath the Eiffel Tower. We met with Milka and her daddy last spring as well and contacted them again this time to set up a playdate. It was a long and busy ride to Paris, got 30 minutes later in the city than planned, but they still got the chance to play and we could catch up with Alan. After our playdate we strolled around the city and headed to our favorite part of the city, Rue Saint Honore, there are luxe boutiques and is it nice and calm. The staff around there is friendly and Zenzi is almost everywhere welcome. After the deluxe boutiques we went to Avenue des Champs-Élysées for the more affordable stores. Then some more picture taking at the Eiffel Tower and dinner in the city. Around 18:30 we drove back to Kerkrade, we got so tired!

I think I will never get used to leaving this beautiful city, I love it so much!

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