BORN: 26.09.1991 in MAASTRICHT

I have started BRENDAVRIJENS.COM because I love blogging and writing, I need something fun in which I can be creative and make myself and others happy.

With the creation of BRENDAVRIJENS.COM I have come to know different blogs, meet nice people and receive even more nice comments. It’s a tiny little blog on the huge internet. But still, I can and I may make a difference online! And I’ll do that.

I am 26 years old, living in a beautiful house in Eygelshoven and am born in Maastricht. I live here with my friend Remko and our lovely dog ​​Zenzi. We often go on adventure and you are welcome to travel with us via the blog! That way, you can read a lot about our trips and the food there. If you know me or have looked around a bit, you’ve already seen that I love food! That’s why there are many recipes and pictures of food.

Besides, I’m not only active on the internet but I’m also really busy with my hands. All in all, a creative lifestyle blog that is build with a lot of love!

xoxo Brenda