How much do I love snow? Almost as much as I love Remko, Zenzi and my kick bike... so yes; I love it very much!  And what I love most is that my best friends, love it as well. So together we drive very often to the snow in the Eiffel (Germany) or Ardennes (Belgium). …


Me and my team members, Remko and Zenzi, wish all of our readers a merry Christmas 🎄 and a happy new year! 🎆 We hope everyone has sparkling days and that all of your wishes may come true in 2018 ✨  

Handmade Christmascards

Christmascards are more special when they are handmade. So I always try to make some, so our parents and grandparents get a handmade one. I know they appreciate this so I take the effort. It is super fun to do and love being creative. This year I made these; aren't they cute 🙂